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Creative Art Expressions Hand Crocheted Made To Order Child Mermaid Blanket


Doll Mermaid Blankets fit 18" dolls and will be made in the same color as the blanket you order unless you contact me and let me know you want it in a different color. Scroll down to see a picture of a doll mermaid blanket.

Choose from 2nd picture. Yarn is ordered when you place your order, so color is not guaranted to be in stock.

Choose from 3rd picture. Each item is hand crocheted so items will vary slightly from the pictures. If ordering extra large blanket, I recommend the mama fin.

Creative Art Expressions Hand Crocheted Adult Mermaid Blankets are made to order! Choose your color from the drop down list after you have viewed the 2nd photo of all the color options.  The yarn is ordered when I recieve your order, so the color you choose is not guaranted to be in stock. If you choose a color that isn't in stock, I will contact you and you can choose another color or receive a full refund. If you want to see the colors more clearly visit this album on my facebook page: Mermaid Blanket Color Choices. You can also visit my mermaid blanket gallery to see pictures of blankets I have made. Please allow 2 weeks for me to receive the yarn and complete your blanket. I will let you know when your blanket has shipped. Make sure you choose your mermaid tail size from the drop down menu. Your 3 choices are small, large and momma sized (xtra large). The 3rd pictures shows the sizes. The child size mermaid blanket is about 42" or more in length without the fin and about 35" or more wide.  It is machine washable and dryable. If you are looking for a thicker blanket, I will have a listing in the future for a blanket with thicker yarn which will be more expensive because of the yarn. All the photos I use are of blankets I have made.

*To see bigger pictures, click on the magnifying glass just below the right side of the picture.

*You have the option to add a doll mermaid blanket to your order for $25.00. That saves you $5.00 off the price if you were buying a doll blanket without the child blanket. The doll blanket will be made to match the child blanket unless you let me know in the comments that you want the doll blanket in a different color. Below is a picture of a doll blanket. It fits a size 18" doll.

Hand Crocheted Seafoam Doll Mermaid Blanket

* To view more pictures of the mermaid blanket visit my facebook page: Creative Art Expressions Facebook

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