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Seashell Scrubby Sampler Crocheted, Set of 6 Scrubbies, Color Varies, Made to Order, Mermaid Crochet, Ocean Crochet, Novelty Scrubby, Kitchen Scrubby, Handmade, Tulle Seashell Scrubby, Cotton & Scrubby Yarn Scrubby,


*Colors Will Vary *Price is lower because I choose your colors from what yarn I have on hand.

Seashell Scrubby Sampler Crocheted is made to order!  This set of 6 scrubbies is perfect if you are want to test out the different type of scrubbies I make in the seashell form and decide which material of scrubby you like best. This seashell scrubby collection is my own design.  You will receive 1 large tulle seashell scrubby, 1 large cotton & scrubby yarn scrubby, 2 small tulle scrubbies and 2 small cotton & scrubby yarn scrubbies. The colors will vary. This set is less expensive than ordering a set of scrubbies that you choose the size and color because I will use whatever yarn colors I have on hand.

All of these scrubbies can be used in the kitchen. The cotton & scrubby yarn scrubbies can also be used in the bathroom. Use the small ones for washing your face and the large ones make great shower or bath scrubbies! .

*Please allow a week for me to finish your order. Many times I will ship it out quicker, depending on how many orders I have to complete at that time.

*All photos I use are of items I have made.

*Washing Instructions: Scrubbies are machine washable and dryable. Machine wash gentle cycle in cold water and I recommend air drying to make it last longer. Some shrinkage may occur with the 100% cotton. I recommend washing in an intimate laundry bag.

Dimensions may differ slighly then listed below since each one is handmade.

Small Seashell Cotton & Scrubby Yarn Scrubby: 5.5" wide, 3 1/4" long

Small Tulle Scrubby: 6" wide, 4" long

Large Seashell Cotton & Scrubby Yarn Scrubby: 8.5" wide, 5.5" long

Large Tulle Scrubby: 7.5",  5.5" long

Please contact me with any questions.


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