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MTO, 2 Ply Toilet Paper Scarf, Unicorn Poop Emoji Scarf Crochet,Pocket Scarf, Hipster Scarf, Child, Toddler, Adult/Teen Sizes, Made to order, Rainbow Poop Emoji TP Scarf


Choose White or if you choose Custom find the link to the I Love This Yarn Gallery in the listing and make sure you leave the name of the color you want in the notes when you check out.

Please choose your color from the 2nd photo. In the event your choice is not available, I will contact you to choose another one.

Shipping Costs

CountryBy ItselfWith Another
United States$4.50$0.50

Toilet Paper Unicorn Poop Emoji Scarf Crochet is made to order. Toilet Paper so soft you can wear it as a scarf! Choose your size from the drop down menu. The dimensions are below* This makes an awesome hipster scarf or gag gift! It is also a great gift for your kids. My son and daugther love theirs! This 2 ply toilet paper scarf has pockets!  The 2 ply means it it is thick and soft.  Choose your scarf color, either white or custom. If you choose the custom option, visit my I Love This Yarn Gallery to choose from many colors and make sure you leave the color name in the notes when you check out. Choose your emoji color from the 2nd photo.  If you would like to see the color choices more clearly, visit my yarn gallery for this scarf. In the event your color choices is not available, I will contact you to make another selection. Please give me up to a week to complete your scarf and mail it to you. I may get it done earlier depending on how many orders I have at the time. 

Get the crochet pattern here: Toilet Paper Unicorn Emoji Scarf Crochet Pattern (coming soon)

*Size dimensions: Sizes are approximate

Toddler: 45" long, 4.5" wide

Child 57" long, 5" wide

Adult/Teen 66" long, 5" wide

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